The Ken Riggs Care Centre provides full time professional nursing care to residents of the Twilanga Retirement Village. Our qualified nursing staff take pride in the care they give and are sensitive to the needs of our patients, ensuring that your loved ones are comfortable and well-looked after at all times.

Twilanga Care Centre Double Room

The Care Centre is named after Ken Riggs, who was largely instrumental in obtaining the land, on which Twilanga is built, from Huletts Property Holdings. Mr Riggs was also the first Chairman of the Umhlanga Senior Citizens Association.

  • 6 Single rooms – bathrooms across the passage
  • 1 Single room with own bathroom
  • 5 Double rooms with shared bathroom
  • 3 Single rooms with own bathroom, balcony and sea view

Separate Dementia wing comprising of 1 x 4 bed ward with bathroom and 2 double rooms with their own bathrooms.

Tariffs (valid until 31st March 2025)

Ranging from R25, 520 pm, and a R1, 500 a month levy depending on room and required care.

Please note that the Care Centre has its own waiting list.

Our facilities include:
  • 24 Hour Care
    24 hour care by trained and experienced nursing sisters and carers.
  • Medical Assessment
    Patients are assessed medically prior to admission to establish the degree of care required and rates charged accordingly.
  • Medical Practitioner Liaison
    Close liaison is maintained with patient’s medical practitioner and medicines and treatment administered accordingly. eg – blood pressure, pulse, sugar readings, urine testing and general observation.
  • Daily Meals
    Three meals served daily, with morning, afternoon and evening tea. The main meal is served at lunch time.
  • 24 Hour Emergency
    An Emergency call button system is in place to ensure constant communication in case of emergency.
  • CCTV
    All rooms and common areas, excluding bathrooms, are monitored by CCTV.  The screen is monitored in the nurses duty room.
  • Bedding
    Beds and linen are supplied to all patients in the Care Centre.
  • 24 Hour Security
    Security consists of 24 hour manned security with electrified fencing, and emergency response from Blue security.
  • Laundry Service
    Patient’s laundry is done on a regular basis and is included in the monthly rate.
  • Open Visiting Hours
    Relatives are encouraged to participate in the caring of their loved ones, therefore we have applied open visiting hours for family and friends.
  • Occupational Therapy
    Weekly occupational therapy programmes are offered and are supervised by qualified professionals.
  • Care Centre Committee
    A Care Centre committee who represents patients, relatives, the Management Board and the local community, meet monthly to discuss incidents, developments and improvements.
  • Entertainment
    A Twilanga resident’s volunteer group visits regularly to encourage the patients to participate in activities such as bingo, skittles, exercises, walks, knitting etc. We believe that social interaction is beneficial to our patients.
  • Church Service
    A weekly Church service with communion is held at the Care Centre.
  • Communal Lounge
    A communal Lounge area with sea view is available to all patients.
  • Communal Garden
    A well maintained Peace garden area is situated within the Care Centre for the use of patients.

Care Centre

Dementia Wing