Making the decision to move to a Retirement Village is never an easy one, but for those who are still capable and do not wish to lose their independence, our complex offers apartments, semi-detached cottages, flats, bedsitters and rooms which are designed for couples or singles. Two bedroom units are reserved for couples.

Independant Living at Twilanga

The following units are self-catering and are available to lease on a “Life Rights” basis:

  • 2 Bedroom apartments
  • 2 Bedroom cottages
  • 2 Bedroom flats
  • 1 Bedroom flats
  • Bedsitters

All the rented rooms are non-self-catering units.

The breakdown of units at Twilanga is as follows:
  • 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom apartments (4 units)
  • 2 Bedroom cottages / flats with 2 bathrooms (19 units)
  • 2 Bedroom cottages / flats with 1 bathroom (18 units)
  • 1 Bedroom flat with bathroom (10 units)
  • 1 Bedroom bedsitter with bathroom (7 units)
  • Luxury rented room with bathroom (10 units)
  • Single rented room with bathroom (14 units)
“Life Rights” Lease

A “LIFE RIGHTS LEASE “ is the right to occupy a cottage for the life of both partners or individual depending on the type of accommodation, whilst it remains the property of the Association.  A 10% deposit of the Lease Premium is payable within 14 days of signature of the Lease Agreement.  The balance of the Lease premium is payable before occupation date.
If a resident leaves or dies within 10 years, a refund of the Lease premium may be made less 10% per annum.

The Association is responsible for all maintenance to the units, although anything outside of general maintenance is for the residents cost (e.g. carpet cleaning or special requests).  Rentals and levies are payable monthly in advance.  These costs are listed on the pricing page.  Cost of units, levies and rentals are reviewed annually on the 1st April.  The monthly levy also includes electricity, water, all other Municipal charges, rates, weekly servicing of unit, garden service and insurance of building (excluding contents).


The single en-suite rooms are available to rent on a monthly basis and share the same benefits as the purchased units, however they are not self-catering.  The rental includes three meals daily.  One month’s deposit is required prior to occupancy.  Prices are listed on the pricing page.

Apply for Registration

People may apply for registration to be on the waiting list at any time but on admission applicants must:

  • either be, or immediate members of their families must be, currently a resident of Ethekwini Municipality for at least 5 years.
  • be of sound medical condition that will enable them to look after themselves. A medical examination by our resident doctor and an assessment by our Nursing Manager will be required prior to admission.
  • be financially independent and a family member must sign surety.
  • be at least 65 years old (both partners) on admission.

The current cost of registration is R 200 and each year a renewal form is sent to all applicants.  The cost of this renewal is R 200.  It is extremely difficult to give a time frame on the waiting list.  We can only estimate 30 years for the units and possibly 3 to 10 years for the rented rooms.

Two Bedroom Apartment

Two Bedroom Cottage

One Bedroom Flat