The management, business and affairs of the Association is administered and controlled by the Management Board in accordance with the provisions as per the constitution.  At each Annual General Meeting the Chairman shall report on the activities of the Association.

Twilanga Management
Personnel and Powers of the Management Board

The Management Board shall consist of not more than nine and not less than five persons, namely :-

  • One member nominated by The Rotary Club of Umhlanga
  • Three members of the Association resident in the cottages or homes administered by the Association nominated by such residents
  • Two to five non resident members of the Association

Those members of the Management Board holding office shall be elected by the members of the Association at the Annual General Meeting of the Association and shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.

The Management Board shall be responsible for the domestic management and maintenance of all premises owned, leased or controlled by the Association.  The board shall generally do all things necessary to ensure the smooth, efficient and economical domestic and day to day running of the Association’s premises.