At Twilanga we understand that different people have different needs as they age which is why we offer different types of accommodation, ranging from independent semi-detached units for the able, to the high care and dementia wards for those who need constant attention.

Please note that all rooms and units at Twilanga are unfurnished and residents need to furnish them on occupation.  Unfortunately due the nature of the living areas, no pets are allowed.

Cottages at Twilanga

We have a variety of self-catering units which consist of 2 bed apartments, 2 bed cottages, 2 bed flats, 1 bed flats and bed sitters which are available to lease on a “Life Rights” basis.  Should you choose, meals are available for residents in the dining room facility on a daily basis, whether you occupy a self-catering unit or not.  These units are perfect for those who would still like to maintain their independence.

Our two bedroom units are held exclusively for couples sharing ensuring sufficient living space for both partners.
Single rooms with en-suite bathrooms are available for rental on a monthly basis.  As these are not self-catering rooms, three meals a day have been included in the monthly rental fee.  One month’s deposit is required prior to occupancy of the rented rooms.

Home Based Care

Twilanga introduced a Home Based Care Program to assist residents to remain in their units by providing a trained Carer to assist residents with basic home care, ie: showering, dressing, bed making and general assistance. This program has proved to be popular and beneficial to residents. The Care program is arranged and controlled by the Nursing Management from the Care Centre.

A carer is allotted 1 hour per day, Monday to Sunday (including public holidays) at a cost of R1 510 per month.

Care Centre and Dementia Wing

The Ken Riggs Care Centre and Dementia wing caters for the elderly who need constant care and monitoring. The centre consists of single rooms for those needing privacy and wanting seclusion, as well as shared rooms and wards which encourage interaction amongst the residents. There are no strict visiting hours at the centre, allowing visits from family and friends throughout the day who would like to assist in the care of their loved ones.

Our qualified and professional nursing staff offer 24 hour care, as well as weekly occupational therapy and constant open communication with the patient’s medical practitioner. Three meals a day are provided for in the care centre dining facility.

Twilanga care centre double room